Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to face angry protestors on the campaign trail, similar to Prime Minister Stephen Harper when he launched his 2015 re-election bid in Montreal.

In August 2015, Harper boasted how the values of the Conservatives meshed with those of Quebecers at a Montreal hall situated in the city's Mount Royal riding.

The Conservatives haven’t won the seat in a quarter-century, which Tories claimed had a sizeable Jewish population who could have been wooed by Harper’s support of Israel on the world stage.

Outside the hall, one man was arrested for uttering threats while other protestors slapped anti-Harper stickers on the Tory campaign bus, reported the National Post.

Another protester entered the building repeatedly shouting, "Harper — dictator!" She was immediately tackled and hauled out of the venue.

"Our road starts here in Montreal — at the heart of the great Quebecois nation," said Harper to a crowd of several hundred chanting supporters.

Harper then attacked Trudeau, saying he cannot make tough decisions on Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. "Maybe he just thinks he can charm ISIS the way he thinks he can just charm Iran," said Harper of Trudeau.

"I hope you notice how the Liberals and NDP are always criticizing us for not being friendly enough with Iran, but for being too friendly with Israel," he added.

More than 50 protesters gathered outside the venue calling Harper a criminal while chanting pro-Palestinian slogans, reported the Toronto Star.

At least one demonstrator intimidated people entering the building, telling them they should be ashamed for supporting Harper.

A handful of protesters sat outside and tried to block a Conservative campaign bus from leaving.

Similarly, Trudeau has been heckled by protestors during several campaign stops following the writ drop.

In Mississauga, Ontario, an unknown protestor yelled, "You're garbage, Trudeau."

During a campaign stop at White Rock, BC, Trudeau was chased and booed away by a crowd. "You ruin families!" one man yelled.

In Cobourg, Ontario, Trudeau was called a "traitor" several times as protestors and Liberal supporters went tit for tat over masks and vaccine mandates. A man, who says he immigrated to Canada for freedom, decried Trudeau’s leadership. Liberal supporters across the street yelled "go back to Afghanistan" and "leave then."

Trudeau recently canceled a campaign stop in Bolton, Ontario after a small, vocal group of protestors prompted the RCMP to delay and eventually cancel the scheduled campaign stop. It was later moved to an undisclosed location in nearby Brampton, Ontario.

Conservative leader O'Toole strongly condemned harassment at these protests. "We're a democracy, we should be having a healthy and respectful debate on ideas, and we have no time for people that bring negativity to campaigning," he said.