People turned out in the thousands to rally outside Gracie Mansion on Thursday morning to protest NYC's vaccine mandates for first responders.

In the videos above and below, one can see the street packed with police, firefighters and other first responders who reject the vaccine mandate. They are joined by their allies, including prominent people and politicians.

In the second video, a person is speaking, although it's hard to hear over the noise. Some key excerpts could be heard, however.

"... Firefighters are out right now with injuries from fire-fighting. For every firefighter out with COVID; there are 16 out and doing their job," comments the speaker.

"... Two weeks ago, our careers were put in jeopardy"

"... and right now it's not longer acceptable, because the numbers are no longer telling the story," continued the speaker, probably referring to the fact that vaccines, according to him, haven't been proven to make life any safer for first responders.

Protestors also dumped trash over the mansion's wall while yelling "f*ck de Blasio."

According to the New York Post, sanitation workers have been letting trash pile up in parts of Brooklyn and on Staten Island in protest of the mandate.

"The protesting workers are engaging in a rule-book slowdown that includes returning to their garages for things like gloves or gas so collections don’t get finished," the outlet wrote.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Oct. 20 2021 that all public workers in the city of New York will be required to get the vaccine and show proof of such. There is no option for regular testing available under his plan.

As of the time of this writing, 40 percent of police officers and 30 percent of firefighters in NYC are not vaccinated. This represents some 46,000 active first responders who could be placed on unpaid leave indefinitely if they don't get the jab.

It is unclear at this time whether religious exemptions will be allowed during this vaccine mandate in any way, shape or form, although legally it is supposed that they must be made available.

NYC also has an equally controversial "vaccine passport" requirement for such things are restaurants and bars, which has been the source even of physical violence and legal battles.