The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reports a huge spike in the number of incidents of unruly passengers on planes, making the aggregate amount of fines proposed top $1 million.

The FAA also reports an eye-popping increase from the typical 100 to 150 cases of bad behavior to passengers. So far in 2021, there have been a nearly 3,900 incidents recorded. Passengers refusing to comply with mask mandates accounted for 2,867 of those cases.

The FAA, as a result, has issued a warning to its member airlines asking that they closely watch the amount of alcohol being served to passengers, according to NBC News.

In many cases, flights have been diverted and emergency landings undertaken because passengers' behavior is so out of control. In one instance, a man grabbed a female flight attendant and put his head up her skirt. The man lay down on the aisle, blocking it, and allegedly threw objects at people near him.

In another example of wildly inappropriate behavior, a man appeared to snort cocaine in front of the crew and his fellow passengers.

In yet another incident, a female passenger refused to follow the mask mandate, shouted obscenities at flight attendants, and punched a fellow passenger who was seated at the time. This plane also wound up making an emergency landing.

Finally, a passenger had to be subdued by crew and fellow passengers when he made a break for it and tried to pry an outside door of the aircraft open while the plane was in full flight and at altitude.

Fines for behavior like this have been levied of up to $45,000, as well as being banned from certain airlines for life, and even criminal charges which could lead to jail time.