On Friday, Federal prosecutors announced that they will not be filing charges against the police officer who shot Jacob Blake in Wisconsin last summer, according to NBC 4.

Officer Rusten Sheskey shot Blake seven times in the back by the officer while responding a domestic dispute on Aug 23, 2020. Blake survived the shooting, but is now paralyzed.

The shooting resulted in multiple nights of riots in Kenosha, with businesses being destroyed and burned down. It was at those riots that Kyle Rittenhouse shot three rioters, killing two of them.

Back in January, state prosecutors decided not to file charges against Sheskey after video revealed that Blake was armed with a knife during the incident last summer.

In late March, Sheskey was cleared to return to work following both internal and external investigations.

"The Kenosha Police use of force incident on August 23, 2020 was investigated by an outside agency; has been reviewed by an independent expert as well as the Kenosha County District Attorney. Officer Sheskey was not charged with any wrong doing. He acted within the law and was consistent with training. This incident was also reviewed internally. Officer Sheskey was found to have been acting within policy and will not be subjected to discipline," wrote Police Chief Daniel Miskinis.