A town councillor in the Ottawa Valley has been criticized for accidentally using the phrase "all lives matter" when she meant to say "every child matters," according to a local Ontario paper.

The phrase "every child matters" was coined in reaction to the discovery of unmarked graves next to a former residential school in British Columbia.

The councillor made this statement when she asked fellow councillors to support a project that would've painted a bench orange. This is the colour of the "every child matters" movement.

"How about a bench, like we have a bench near town hall, what if we brought the bench to the location of where the flags are and painted that bench orange and maybe the logo of All Children Matter or All Lives Matter," said the councillor. "That would be a permanent fixture in town."

One of the councillors soon criticized these comments, saying that her comments were "slightly disheartening."

"Maybe not putting All Lives Matter and getting the terms correct before we actually move forward just to make sure we are not: A. Offending and B. It shows we are trying to learn past that."

The offending councillor quickly apologized and said that she understood that offence had been taken.