England is set to remove every country from their travel red list. This will mean nearly all COVID-related travel policies will be dropped, according to the BBC.

Despite this, very little will change to England's travel policy. Only seven countries were on the red list, and passengers from everywhere else will still need to take a negative antigen and proof of vaccination.

However, passengers arriving from Colombia, Peru, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Venezuela and Ecuador, will no longer have to quarantine in a hotel facility.

The COVID travel system seems to remain in place. Meaning that countries can still be added back to the red list if rising COVID cases begin to cause concern in Whitehall.

Since the quarantine order came into place in February, over 200 thousand people have had to stay in a hotel at some considerable expense.

This new policy has not yet been confirmed by the UK government, however, Whitehall has a habit of leaking news to the BBC before an official announcement to gauge public opinion.

It is worth noting that these rules only apply to England. Other nations within the UK have the power to structure their own travel policy.