The CBC has had to apologize on Monday after they called a Quebec City mayoral election for the wrong candidate.

Taking the CBC's word as gospel, the candidate went up to the podium and delivered a victory speech without realizing they had lost, according to Blacklock's Reporter.

It is unclear why the CBC suffered this embarrassment. Voting ended in Quebec at 8:00 PM and the CBC rushed to call the election for a candidate only 28 minutes later. They did this while ballots were still being counted.

Earlier in the night, the CBC praised itself as a "beacon of truth." After this election blunder, CBC management put out a statement saying that "we are sorry."

The candidate who ended up losing appeared at her campaign headquarters and delivered a speech with the CBC election call behind her.

Only a few hours later, this candidate's opponent had taken the lead. "It was a surprising turn of events," said officials at the state broadcaster.

"Our decision-making desk rigorously followed the usual process before declaring Marie-Josée Savard the winner," said the CBC in a statement. "We will seek answers to all our questions to explain what may have happened."