Emily and Zoe Luba, both aged 27 years, have been charged with mischief in connection with the throwing of orange paint at a church in East Vancouver on Canada Day Jul. 1 2021.

The incident where the Lubas are alleged to have taken part occurred at around 10:45pm on that evening at the Renfrew-Collingwood church.

According to Vancouver Is Awesome, the pair are strong public advocates for Vancouver's large and growing homeless population. They have come out as strongly against what is known as "demoviction", where the homeless are displaced by the demolition and/or renovation of existing structures.

However, this particular incident appears to be connected with a series of protests which were enacted in response to the grisly discovery of hundreds of children's remains on the grounds of former residential schools. Fuel was added to the fire of protest when another even larger discovery was made shortly thereafter.

From that time to the end of Jul. 2021, many such vandalizations of churches happened all throughout Canadian territory. A similar incident occurred later that month at another church in nearby New Westminster, as well as another one at St. Augustine's Catholic church, also in Vancouver.