Canada's top doctor is hesitant to call for mandatory vaccines in schools. According to iPolitics, Dr. Theresa Tam believes mandating vaccines in schools is a good idea but wants to wait for more data.

"Based on experiences with other childhood vaccines, having that requirement and showing vaccine proof has served as a very important reminder to parents and can increase vaccine uptake," she told reporters in Ottawa. "If the provinces choose to go there, … from a record and technological perspective, it should be relatively easy to do," she said.

This news comes as Toronto's public health board considers adding COVID-19 to the list of nine diseases Ontario students must be vaccinated against. These include mumps, measles and tetanus.

"The safety and effectiveness of the approved COVID-19 vaccines has been proven in children aged 12 and older," the recommendation reads. "Given the current epidemiology of COVID-19 and the need to support the safe reopening of schools, it (is) recommended that the province require COVID-19 vaccination for students who are eligible, based on their age (or) year of birth."

Over 80 percent of Canadians are now fully immunized. However, 4,300 Canadians a day are catching COVID-19 and 2,200 are being treated in hospital, including 700 in intensive care.