This may sound strange to Canadians, but in two-to-three-years time, you could very well end up cancelling your highly prized Netflix, Amazon, or Crave subscription in favour of Disney.

The entertainment IP giant has over the last two years slowly been preparing itself to counter the substantial lead Netflix currently has over its competitors.

The company has announced a Disney+ program which will be half the price of Netflix aimed at kids, while also acquiring Marvel as well as Lucas Films for teens, and as recently as this week Hulu for adults.

Disney also is a majority owner of ESPN, providing it with a direct path into the live OTT sports market.

The company currently projects it will bring on board 60 million to 90 million subscribers for Disney+ by the end of its 2024 fiscal year.

It also projects up to 12 million subscribers for its ESPN+ service.

Netflix had roughly 140 million + subscribers in 2018, built over an entire decade.

In combination, Disney will have an IP engine that far outstrips Netflix, even if Netflix currently plans to spend more in the upcoming years for content on its digital platform, at nearly half the price.

How could parents really resist?

What do you think about Disney’s plan? Will you be purchasing it or switching over when it comes to Canada?

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