A disabled woman bound to a wheelchair was attacked in Seattle last week by a crazed, half-naked homeless woman during a downtown shopping trip with her husband. The woman then bit police officers when they tried to arrest her.

Suspect Jinsi Layle Jundt was arrested on multiple assault charges and booked into King County Jail after attacking defenseless disabled victim, Stacie Huffman Lee, on November 12.

Stacie Hoffman Lee (L) and her husband John (R)

Huffman Lee told The Post Millennial that they "were just wheeling through waiting to cross the street" when Jundt proceeded to assault her from behind on 3rd and Pike.

"After leaving the Pike Place Market I was attacked by a naked crazed homeless woman. She picked me out of the crowd and started wailing on me with her jacket. She then proceeded to grab the bun on the top of my head and slam it back and forth into my headrest as I was screaming and trying to get away," Huffman Lee said.

"It was either keep getting attacked or try to jump the curb with a bus coming," she explained.

The victim told The Post Millennial that it was a "super scary" situation and she was thankful that her husband John was able to grab the suspect and "throw her to the ground." However, the surrounding homeless vagrants began to target John when he intervened.

Luckily, Seattle police officers happened to be nearby and witnessed the assault. Officers immediately apprehended the suspect and Jundt was transported and booked into King County Jail on multiple assault charges.

In addition, suspect Jinsi Layle Jundt assaulted an officer during the arrest and bit him. Assault on a police officer is a felony in the state of Washington.

Huffman Lee said that she came to Seattle to buy a brand new pair of bright pink Air Force 1's at the Nike store, a shopping trip that she had been looking forward to. Unfortunately, the attack changed her excitement and now the sight of her new Air Force 1's "makes her cry."

Crime has skyrocketed in the Downtown corridor over the last few years due to failed progressive policies and a shortage of police officers. In 2020, Seattle saw a mass exodus of police officers in response to the popular democratic "Defund The Police" movement as well as continuous mistreatment from city leaders.