As the crisis on the southern border continues to escalate, conservative commentator Dinesh D'Souza argued on his podcast that for some, the situation is beneficial.

Over the past two weeks, the crisis at the southern US border deteriorated. At the epicentre was the crossing at Del Rio. Through here, thousands of migrants, many coming from Haiti, have attempted to enter the United States.

D'Souza asks, "Who benefits from the border crisis in Del Rio?" Haitian migrants, he argues, are benefitting from their newfound ability to "pretend" to be refugees, thereby "claim[ing] their share of the American dream having jumped ahead of everybody else waiting in the long line."

D'Souza suggested by allowing Haitians into the country, the Biden administration benefits politically and can say to those migrants, "We've given you special treatment ... you need to be eternally grateful to us."

D'Souza argued the Biden administration doesn't care about the Haitians. Instead, they are more concerned with the potential political gains by allowing more migrants into the country.

Referencing an article by Joshua Trevino, D'Souza suggests that while everyone is focused on the Haitians in Del Rio, "what you have is essentially an open border at many other points."

"Could it be," D'Souza continued, "that one of the other beneficiaries unnoticed is the Mexicans, the cartels, the traffickers, the criminals?" He suggests that the groups mentioned above have been able to use the crisis in Del Rio as a sort of distraction while they make their way across the border at other points unabated.

He concluded by positing that the Biden administration is allowing this to happen for partisan political reasons, perhaps to "engineer a demographic shift where they've got basically a built-in advantage."