Riots ensued in Minneapolis Thursday night after a police-involved shooting left an murder suspect dead.

Early Thursday afternoon, US Marshals and local law enforcement attempted to arrest a suspect for possession of an illegal firearm. During the encounter, the suspect was parked in his vehicle and pulled out his handgun. The taskforce fired after giving multiple commands and ultimately killed the suspect, according to the US Marshals Services.

The deceased individual was a suspect in a murder, Fox9 reported.

A crowd of a few dozen protesters gathered outside the parking garage where the encounter took place and began to light dumpsters on fire, demanding justice for the deceased murder suspect.

The crowd gathered in an intersection after members of the group barricaded off Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue, Fox9 reported.

Minneapolis police officers responded to the scene around midnight and attempted to disperse the crowd using flashbangs and other crowd control munitions.

Protesters began to loot stores around the area and committed multiple acts of property destruction; including breaking out the windows to a CVS, Target, and T-Mobile.

The Minneapolis Police Department made multiple arrests in accordance to Thursday night’s unrest.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.