In the Virginia House of Delegates race between Republican Jason Ballard and Democrat Chris Hurst, the fact that the Republican candidate won isn’t the point of focus for these two particularly.

Instead it’s how Chris Hurst and his girlfriend Emily Frentress spent their Monday night reportedly knocking over campaign signs and getting pulled over by the authorities. The license for Hurst also turned out to be suspended for what he claimed was a lapse in insurance.

Local news outlet 10 News got the full bodycam footage courtesy of the Radford police department. Signs for Republicans like Glenn Youngkin, attorney general candidate Jason Miyares, and even Hurst’s own opponent Jason Ballard were strewn about in front of a polling location.

The officer wanted Hurst to explain his actions.

"How am I supposed to vote for you if you’re out here doing this?" asked the officer.

"Were you planning on voting for me?" responded Hurst on Monday night. The cop said it was all "up in the air" now given the current situation. He was shocked that Hurst felt compelled to do this instead of running a "fair" election. In response that evening, Hurst said the cop was "getting emotional."

On election night, at Hurst’s election watch party he admitted to "flipping over a couple of yard signs" but 10 News made sure to point out it was more than two. With Hurst’s campaign manager looking on in dismay in the background.

No charges have been filed.

The concession statement by Hurst did not mention this Monday night fiasco at all. However he told the local Fox station, WFXR, that he’s sorry.