Bruno Lozano, the Democrat mayor of Del Rio, Texas, tweeted his dissatisfaction with the Biden administration's apparent disregard for the increasingly untenable situation at the border, which directly affects his constituents.

In response to a Saturday tweet from President Joe Biden's official Twitter account, Lozano asked, "Where is the plan to protect our southern border?"

Lozano then lashed out (also on Saturday) at Vice President Kamala Harris specifically, since she was specifically charged with the task of handling the ongoing border crisis by President Biden. He mentions that she is "able to visit the fun events", but "Where is the visit to Del Rio Texas?"

Once again asking Biden "Where are you?" in response to the growing agglomeration of illegal migrants who are crossing the Rio Grande completely unchecked.

The numbers of people gathered under the International Bridge on the southern US border are constantly growing, and by the time of this writing have even possibly passed the 15k mark.

The stream of people continued to cross the river at a shallow point where wading isn't very difficult, and showed no signs of abating. This was up until the point that DPS troopers were sent to the area by Texas Gov. Greg Abbot (R), which has brought the illegal crossings at least to a temporary halt.