Singer Demi Lovato is thinks that the word aliens, when referring to creatures that did not originate on earth, is offensive. Lovato, who came out as non-binary earlier this year and uses plural pronouns, would prefer they be known as extra terrestrials.

"I think that we have to stop calling them aliens because aliens is a derogatory term for anything," Lovato said while promoting the new documentary, called Unidentified.

"I call them ETs," Lovato said, according to Rolling Stone.

Unidentified follows their sister Dallas, and their friend Matthew in their search to find evidence of extra terrestrial intelligent life in the US. "I wanted to film everything that goes down when I go and search for these UFOs so that my fans can come along for the ride," Lovato said.

Lovato and her team will investigate UFO sitings, and they want viewers to be more sympathetic to the ETs.

"I think that if there were beings that could harm us, we would have been gone a long time ago," they pointed out. "I also think that if there are civilizations that are of consciousness in other dimensions, which has given them the technology to be able to travel through space, I think that they are looking for nothing but peaceful encounters and interactions because like I said, if they wanted us gone, we would have been gone a long time ago!"

UFOs and ETs were in the news last year when the-President Donald Trump declassified documents pertaining to UFOs, and also created a task force to investigate the phenomenon.

Lovato said that healthy options at a frozen yogurt shop were offensive also. When trying to buy some froyo in April, that it was offensive to see so many healthy options because she felt like they felt like they were being preyed on by "#dietculturevultures."

Lovato has also disavowed gender reveal parties, saying that they are transphobic. In February, she reposted a missive from LGBTQ+ activist Alok Vaid-Menon, saying "Transphobia is not just prejudice or violence against an individual trans person, it is a belief system that presumes non-trans people to be more 'natural' than trans people. Only individual people can self determine their gender."

Vaid-Menon has previously referred to little girls as "kinky." In addition to quoting Vaid-Menon, Lovato worked with him on their YouTube series "4D with Demi Lovato."

When discussing "the narrative" of "freaky transgender people" going into girls bathrooms, Vaid-Menon said "There are no fairy tales and no princesses here. Little girls are also queer, trans, kinky deviant..." Vaid-Menon said.