Fox News Host Tucker Carlson invited Barstool President Dave Portnoy on his show Friday night. The two discussed Portnoy's allegations that big tech is shadow banning his accounts.

Prior to inviting Portnoy on, Carlson complimented the businessman. "Dave Portnoy first became famous for Barstool Sports but then he became a cultural phenomenon. Last year, he raised more than $40 million for small businesses suffering under Corona. He also has a massive social media following because he is a free thinker. He's not explicitly political or really political at all, but he says what he thinks and that's a rare thing," Carlson said.

"So first of all, good for you for calling them on this in public. That's that's really our only defense is sunlight here. Why do you think they would do this to you, you're not running for anything are you?" Tucker asked.

"No, I'm not running for anything. You never really know why they're doing it, varies every time. You know, there is something to say [about] the algorithm and it may not be devious but the algorithm certainly plays to people maybe on the liberal side who don't like things you have to say," replied Portnoy.

"So could it be I made fun of AOC for that tax dress when she's celebrating the rich," he added. "That could be it. That actually got a little warning that 'this may be fake news' and all I said was she was at the richest party of the rich."

Portnoy also remarked on Trump's ban. "Whether you like Trump, don't like Trump, I have no opinion on it. The fact they kicked him off Twitter and Social Media totally, and then have like, at one point, the Taliban on there, there's no rhyme or reason for what's happening. Basically social media is important because so many people get their information from that it really should be freedom of the press, but you can't suppress people at least you shouldn't be able to."