Following the arrest of two suspects last month wanted for the murder of a Tallahassee man, the couple has been extradited to Leon county.

According to WCTV, new details about what led up to the murder have been revealed in an arrest affidavit.

24-year-old Jessie Price-Brown and 25-year-old Terrelle Price-Brown have been charged with second degree murder for the 2018 killing of 32-year-old Derek Levy Parks.

Investigators say the married couple met Parks through a dating app, and soon befriended him. They reportedly stayed at Parks' Tallahassee apartment in June.

Jessie Price-Brown reportedly stayed with Parks again in mid-July, just days prior to the murder.

It was during that stay that investigators say the couple decided to rob Parks' apartment while he was away.

When Parks came home early, interrupting the burglary, the suspects allegedly bound Parks and strangled him to death in his apartment, according to WCTV.

According to arrest documents, the suspects reportedly rolled Parks' body up in a rug and placed it in a U-Haul truck.

The couple then reportedly drove the U-Haul as well as Parks' stolen car to Americus, Georgia, where Terrelle Price-Brown is originally from.

Police became involved after Parks' mother reported him missing on July 19. His remains were found on September 14 dumped in a wooded area in Americus.

According to investigators, the couple then pawned off Parks' items, and continued to use his stolen car.

Both suspects were arrested near Jessie Price-Brown's home in Fairfax, Virginia following the investigation.

They remain in the Leon Country Detention Facility, and are scheduled to make their first appearances on Wednesday morning.