After Texas passed a pro-life law that essentially outlaws abortions after 6 weeks gestation, the American pro-abortion movement went nuts. Many on the left have said that abortion has to be legal because the American system doesn't adequately support mothers and children.

Julia Ioffe, a journalist and partner with Puck News, tweeted on Thursday that if abortion is going to be illegal, men need to be asked to step up and take responsibility for the fruit of their loins. Ioffe said that if those men who get a woman pregnant could "contribute" and pay "child support." Conservative men who oppose abortion loved this idea, noting that it's called marriage, fatherhood, and child-support.

"If you are anti-choice and you want to make sure women carry every pregnancy to term, why not make the person who created the pregnancy contribute? Why not have men pay child support to the women they impregnate? Surely, it is not the woman’s responsibility alone?" asked Ioffe on Twitter:

The response to this notion that Ioffee apparently saw as revolutionary was swift and fierce. Lydia Deetz, the producer of Timcast, sarcastically slammed Ioffe, saying "Ummmm is this... Marriage? Did you just invent marriage?"

Matt Palumbo of the Bongino Report, also pointed out the obvious, that "child support" actually already is a thing:

Perhaps more poignantly, Ben Domenech, a writer, blogger and TV personality and the co-founder of The Federalist, showed the irony of Ioffe not realizing who fully he supports the idea of men taking care of their responsibilities.

Author, filmmaker and commentator Mike Cernovich said that perhaps men who try to shirk this responsibility deserve to be "socially shamed."

Greg Price, a senior digital strategist with X Strategies, voiced his support for men taking responsibility for the children they conceive.

Pro-abortion activists may be surprised to find that the men who are advocating against abortion and in favor of life are also prepared to take responsibility for that life, willingly, honorably, and gratefully.