The Conservatives continue to maintain lead over the Liberals in the polls since August 26.

On August 25, the Conservatives first tied with the Liberals at 34 percent, and their polling numbers have continued to rise since.

The Conservatives reached a double digit lead over the Liberals in a Mainstreet Research poll on August 28 with Liberal support falling by 5 percent.

The latest Mainstreet Research polling data from August 29 shows the Liberals at 29 percent, one percent up from August 28, with the Conservatives maintaining their lead at 38 percent. Support in the polls for the PPC continues to rise, and is sitting at 5 percent on August 29, almost at the 6 percent support for the Bloc Quebecois. The PPC previously superseded the Bloq Quebec in a August 27 EKOS poll.

The growing support for the Conservatives in the polls comes at the same time as Trudeau has been plagued by angry protestors at nearly every campaign stop. On Friday, his campaign stop in Bolton, ON, had to be cancelled due to safety concerns. Trudeau said that he had never seen such anger on the campaign trail before.

Trudeau's campaign event on Sunday, August 29, in Cambridge was greeted by more than 100 angry protestors. Their main source of anger was the Liberal government's push for mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports.