Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole unveiled his party's new plan to take on Canada's opioid epidemic.

In the statement released on Sunday, the Conservatives say they will treat "the opioid epidemic as the health issue that it is."

"We believe that law enforcement should focus on dealers and traffickers. The last thing that those suffering from addiction should have to worry about is being arrested. Any interaction the government has with them should focus on keeping them safe and helping them recover," the statement says.

The statement says that in order to help Canadians recover from addiction, a Conservative government would "revise the federal government's substance abuse policy framework to make recovery its overarching goal."

O'Toole said that treatment and recovery programs would be emphasized, including safe injection sites.

"I don't think someone with an addiction should be punished. I think they should be helped," he said during a Sunday press conference.