The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service have charged Canadian Conservative activist Rakesh David with the murder of his family. According to authorities, David murdered his grandmother, mother and brother on September 24, 2021.

The victims are 77-year-old Kumari Kowlessar-Timal, 48-year-old Radeshka Timal and 22-year-old Zachary David. Authorities state the victims were discovered with gunshot wounds to their heads and were allegedly killed during Republic Day on September 24, 2021. David was arrested by the Homicide Bureau of Investigations officers shortly after the murders took place.

Notably, David allegedly committed these murders using a pistol registered in Canada. This weapon matched the bullets at the scene. Authorities say they are puzzled as to how David managed to bring the gun into the country undetected.

Holding dual Trinidadian and Canadian citizenships, David made a notable profile in Canadian Conservative politics. He was a staffer for Conservative Party MP Mike Lake, an electoral district director and a disabilities advocate.

Popular with both MP's and party executives, David also posted a picture with Conservative Party President Robert Batherson at the Ottawa International airport. The picture took place on September 21, 2021, but is now deleted by the CPC President.

"Guess who I had the ultimate privilege of seeing today at the Ottawa airport! The one and only Robert Batherson" wrote David in a Tweet.

It remains unknown why David murdered his family and how he got the Canadian weapon into Trinidad.