CNN’s "do as we say, not as we do" policy has relied a lot on their "say" part rather than doing. According to a new revelation from FEE and Jack Elbaum, the hypocrisy has come home to roost.

Not to take away from Elbaum’s personal testimony, here’s what he had to say about what he saw at a Billy Joel concert earlier this month:

"Only a few minutes after sitting down prior to the concert starting, I noticed three people I recognized to my left. These were not people I knew personally, but rather some of the most well-known names at CNN: primetime anchor Don Lemon, Sunday show host Fareed Zakaria, and the president of the network, Jeff Zucker."

Elbaum goes on to point out that by the concert’s standards CNN's trio was fine, since they’re all vaccinated. But not on the network’s own rules.

Don Lemon preached about the holiness of mask mandates back in August when it came to President Biden coming out against Governor DeSantis on the issue. But even earlier this month the CNN talking head was seen in Ron’s own state of Florida enjoying the warm, maskless freedom it had to offer.

"B*llsh*t" is the right term, Mr. Lemon. But only if you take as prescribed. Especially considering Don’s history being the face of mandates for the outlet.

What about the first layer of defense?

Or are things like vaccines now in doubt? "Christmas cancelled in Gibraltar - the ‘most vaccinated’ place in the world" writes the Evening Standard.

If the freedom for CNN to ditch the masks is that important: maybe it’s time the outlet lays off Aaron Rodgers for his pushback against COVID prevention measures.

The focus is mostly on Don Lemon seeing as how Fareed Zakaria hasn’t been relevant enough to write about this past year whatsoever. All that comes up in search is how CNN and Brian Stelter are floundering in their ratings.

The other thing of note is how CNN wrote about Dr. Leana Wen got ousted from Planned Parenthood, but then picked her up as the outlet’s voice of advocating authoritarian measures in the wake of the pandemic.

As recently as September she supported keeping kids masked in schools.