As the divide over abortion legality picks up steam in the US, pro-abortion, pro-choice activists are streamlining their arguments in favor of abortion access. The latest from CNN argues that preventing doctors from aborting babies is bad for the economy. This is not a position that anyone should advocate. Life should be the primary, driving factor, not the economic consequences, for considering the legality and morality of pregnancy termination.

They write that economists caution against bans on abortions because there are "financial hardships—and subsequent economic downsides—that can occur when women's reproductive rights are restricted." These include the cost itself of raising children, which is certainly greater than not taking on the financial responsibility for a growing human. One expert is quoted as saying that "when a woman is denied an abortion, we found that in the long run she is not supported by a partner or her family."

These economic consequences are not something that conservatives are likely to have any sympathy with, as their issue with abortion is entirely about morality and values, and not in the least about money. This is something that the left has trouble with, because instead of placing the top value on life, the existence of life, and the raising of children, they put it in stark economic terms, as though the bottom line of the pocketbook is more integral to human survival than not destroying humans before they are born.

Another concern posed by CNN is that having the ability to terminate pregnancy has allowed women to advance professionally where being a mother would have held them back. But isn't this an issue with society itself, and not a problem with becoming a mother? Doesn't it make more sense to adjust perceptions and expectations and women and mothers and childrearing than it does to suggest that women have to abort their babies to fit in with what the left would surely call a patriarchal, capitalist construct that values a woman's labor in the workplace over her labor in the home?

CNN lists issues that women have being pulled out of the job market when they become mothers, and that once women have children, they tend to earn less than men. This, apparently, is a bigger problem than denying the existence of life and seeking to terminate that life.

That women make less money after becoming mothers, and removing themselves, in large part, from the workforce is not in doubt. But this is not a bad thing, in fact; it speaks to the fact that mothers shift their priorities. While CNN refers to this as the "motherhood penalty," it could more accurately be termed the "motherhood priority." When a woman has a child, that child should take precedence over other concerns, and certainly workplaces, educational institutions, and society at large could take more care to ensure that mothers are supported instead of secondary in American life.

In defense of their claim that economic burdens borne by mothers are paramount to vouchsafing innocent human lives, CNN says that poor women and women of color are those most impacted by the restrictions on abortions and the economic impact of those restrictions.

But what does it means that the left is advocating for the killing of unborn children through the practice of abortion, which results in the termination of more babies of color, by population proportion, than of other babies? Isn't the fact that abortion disproportionately impacts black mothers enough to realize that it is a dangerous practice that devalues the lives of black women and children? That women should be supported to be mothers, to raise their children, and not encouraged to terminate?

There is also much lip service paid to the idea that conservatives support the unborn but are unwilling to support living children. Isn't this the exact same thing that CNN, Democrats, and the left are doing here? Saying that a woman's economic contribution is more integral to society than her bearing and raising children undermines that criticism, because in fact, is essentially the same thing.

Life matters. Life matters above all else. If we don't realize this fully, as a nation, whether abortion is legal or not, whether mothers earn less than their male counterparts or not, we will be a nation that has sacrificed our humanity on the altar of the dollar. Surely, this is not a position that the left can get behind.