In an article published on Saturday, CNN claimed that the eradication of white supremacy in the United States as America increases its diversity is a "myth" and said that white supremacists will just have a "tan."

"Don't ever underestimate white supremacy's ability to adapt. The assumption that more racial diversity equals more racial equality is a dangerous myth. Racial diversity can function as a cloaking device, concealing the most powerful forms of White supremacy while giving the appearance of racial progress," wrote John Blake, CNN's enterprise writer.

"Racism will likely be just as entrenched in a browner America as it is now. It will still be white supremacy, with a tan," Blake added.

In the article titled "White supremacy, with a tan" Blake alleged that "whiteness" has the ability to adapt and based his reasoning off of individuals of Italian, Irish, and Jewish descent weren't originally classified as "white" and were later grouped into that category.

"Why do so many racial groups gravitate toward Whiteness?" Blake asked.

"It's due to a racial hierarchy that places Whiter-looking people at the top and darker-skinned people at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder," he stated.

According to Blake, Latinos could be "the future of Whiteness." Blake stated that the temptation to identify as white could be "too tempting for many to ignore" since Latinos have allegedly began to mark that they are "white" on census forms.

However, it didn't take long for critics to slam Blake's arguments in which many slammed the article as "racist," "propaganda," and a "parody."