Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer thought that all Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan have been evacuated last Friday. However an apology has floated out of Schumer's spokesperson's office: "He misspoke and regrets the confusion his comments have caused ... He intended to say, as he has been saying, that the U.S. will get everyone out that wants to get out. And he will keep working with the Biden Administration to help everyone who wants to get out."

According to Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post, there's "at least 100 U.S. citizens who want to get out of Afghanistan but are still there. There are also countless legal permanent residents (ie Green Card holders) who want to leave."

Schumer chatted with local reporters at the New York state fair, and in his remarks the Democrat leader revealed his current position on the Afghanistan topic.

The whole interview is over eight minutes and can be found on the YouTube channel for NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse.

Local reporter Andrew Donovan asks Schumer about the botched pullout from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan last month by the Biden administration. "How will what happened affect Democrats' chances moving into the midterms?"

Schumer responded: "You know I can't predict that. I will say—there will be a job for Congressional oversight. There always is. But at the moment actually I’m still focused on trying to get some of those brave Afghans out. The Americans, all of whom wanted to come out, have come out, praise God. But there are a lot of Afghans who risked their lives for our soldiers and others. Many got out, some didn't."

The rest of the interview included other areas of interest like Interstate 81 and how the future of that project is tied into the infrastructure bill floating around Washington, DC.

As of last Friday, Schumer believed every American who wanted to get out, got out. However, it was revealed that a team of private rescue operators helped an American family of four escape Afghanistan over the weekend.

As to whether or not the Biden administration's State Department deserves credit for helping is a disputed talking point, at best. But the administration's Secretary of State Antony Blinken assures the American people that the Biden administration is doing rigorous background vetting for the incoming Afghan refugees.