Manhattan Institute senior fellow Chris Rufo joined Fox News on Wednesday to discuss critical race theory and the left's attempt to rewrite history.

Discussing the impact that cultural Marxism has on history and our culture, Chris Rufo explained that the left's revision of history is a way for them to try to control the future.

"What they are trying to do is fill kids with a sense of hatred and despair about their own country," Rufo said. "It makes them more pliable for their own political goals and then redirect them to actually destroying the country in the present because they feel guilty and ashamed of what happened in the past."

"We've seen public school teachers getting arrested for riots and protests in the city of Portland. This process that keeps evolving is to try to simultaneously erase the past while you're demolishing the present. Unfortunately, it's something that's taking root in more and more schools in the United States," Rufo concluded.