Controversial comedy icon Dave Chapelle said on Thursday that he would love to sit down and talk with Netflix employees who are upset about his routines.

His team stated specifically that nobody from Netflix has taken Chapelle up on his offer to date, despite claims to the contrary.

Ashlee Marie Preston, the trans activist who is spearheading a movement against Chapelle, insists that he didn't show up for a meeting that was scheduled for both of them, according to TMZ.

Preston is an LA-based trans activist and ex-chair of the Los Angeles Pride group. She doesn't work for Netflix, but has conducted workshops there.

Chapelle's team insists that this is not true, and points out that, in Dave's own words in the actual comedy special itself – titled "The Closer" – he is open to dialog with anybody, especially his critics.

Many of Chapelle's colleagues in the comedy and media industries have recently come to his defense, saying, among other things, that they don't want to live in a world where you can be told "you can't joke about that."

Damon Wayans said that Chappelle had "freed the slaves" of comedy.

Protestors met counter-protestors outside Netflix headquarters in LA on the street over Chapelle, with both sides carrying signs and shouting.

Chapelle's specials are famously controversial. More than two years ago, there was a similar uproar over his last comedy special, entitled "Sticks and Stones".