Famous comedian Cedric the Entertainer was interviewed in LA on Wednesday. During the interview, he expressed his support and solidarity for his fellow comedians, Dave Chapelle and Louis CK, both recently nominated for Grammys.

Cedric mentioned that he feels the tide is turning, as people are getting more and more sick of the currently prevailing cancel culture in the media.

When the TMZ reporter asked if he "felt like a little bit of weight was lifted off of your shoulders" and if there was "a little less fear of cancellation for yourself?" he replied:

"Yeah, yeah. See, I don't be doing too much crazy stuff, but definitely, though. I definitely feel the relief. Cause you don't know what they're cancelling these days, know what I mean?"

"Should the Grammys allow them to come? Should they go?" the interviewer then asked Cedric.

"Hell yeah!" he shouted. "Hell yeah! Pull up!"

"Do you think cancel culture is over, or have you just avoided it?"

"No, I still, I think that people decide in this world that their opinion counts the most. And so, therefore, when you're on your groups and your Twitter chats and whatever, you've got this right to just put your opinion on the whole situation."

"Regardless of [if you are] hearing out the subject matter completely, or hearing the story wholly, you're like 'ah, this one clip is what I believe, and then I can just get a whole group of people behind me.'"

"So I think that's still gonna exist, unfortunately, that's bad."

"But it's good to know that people are also in a way kinda tired of the fodder, tired of just being riled up for nothing. We got real serious other issues going on."

Indeed, last year's Grammys were dominated by social justice themes and their viewership reached a record low.

Cedric concluded the video by referring back to Chapelle and iterating why, in the end, he can't be cancelled successfully:

"... I think Dave Chappelle was doing a joke that was coming from his heart, and therefore, what you gonna do? What you gonna cancel?"