US Asian-American 'advocacy' groups recently presented a letter to President Joe Biden requesting a "pause" on the Department of Justice's (DOJ) China Initiative – a Trump policy package which aimed to counter Chinese originating national security threats. Since the introduction of the China Initiative in 2018, the DOJ pursued dozens of cases related to trade secret theft, cybersecurity breaches, and economic espionage.

Among the signatories to this letter were the co-founders of 'STOP AAPI Hate', the national director of the National Council of Asian-Pacific Americans (NCASPA), and other influential organizations.  The letter claims that the China Initiative "subjects Asian American and Asian immigrant scientists and others  – particularly those of Chinese descent – to racial profiling, surveillance and wrongful prosecutions, where no evidence of economic espionage or trade secret theft exists.”

“Individuals and their families who have been unjustly targeted have experienced irreparable personal and professional harm,” the letter contends.

According to The National Pulse reporter Natalie Winters, “Chinese state-run media outlets have given the letter favorable coverage by amplifying its demands to halt the DOJ’s China Initiative.”

STOP AAPI Hate describes itself as a nonprofit that began compiling hateful incidents against Asian American and Pacific Islanders after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The findings of a Daily Wire investigation concluded that at least two STOP AAPI Hate organizers were journalists for Chinese state-controlled media that came to the US on a visitor student visa. The group is known to have assisted in so-called 'outreach efforts' to influence the political opinions of first-generation Chinese-American immigrants in California.

The letter goes on to praise Joe Biden: "your election, thankfully, ended the barrage of racist, anti-AAPI hate speech from the Oval Office", despite their own data suggesting that hateful incidents have against Asians and Pacific Islanders have increased since Biden took the oath of office.

Their letter to Biden expressed concern about an upcoming report into the origins of COVID-19, saying its findings could incite more hate crimes and violence targeting the AAPI people:

The sad but undeniable truth is that the simple existence of that report will put our communities at risk. We recognize your Administration’s legitimate interest in identifying the source of this pandemic for the purpose of preventing future outbreaks. At the same time, perception matters. And when your review was announced, many interpreted it as a validation of the so-called “lab leak” theory.
As you well know, while most scientists agree that transmission via natural origins is a more likely explanation, the hypothesis that COVID originated from Chinese laboratory experiments has sparked a flurry of conspiracy theories that have been weaponized by politicians and pundits resulting in a false scapegoating of Asian Americans as somehow to blame for the pandemic.
The chief purveyors of these conspiracy theories are not interested in getting to the bottom of whether an accidental outbreak could have occurred in a laboratory setting. Instead, they aim to deflect criticism about the early U.S. response to the pandemic and direct blame at China and, by extension, Asian Americans. They are frequently the same people who use racist monikers for the virus and demonize immigrants.

Read the full letter here.