A report from True North has found that the CBC and Radio-Canada do not currently demand that employees be vaccinated.

A statement from the Crown broadcaster stated that the vaccine remains a "personal decision for each employee to make."

"As we have since the outset of the pandemic, we will continue to work with public health officials and make decisions to ensure we can all do our jobs while keeping everyone safe and healthy. Our priority remains delivering our services to Canadians while protecting the health of our employees and their families."

Two weeks ago, Liberal President of the Privy Council Dominic LeBlanc announced that the Trudeau Liberals would seek to make vaccines mandatory for federal employees, as well as public service employees.

LeBlanc would say that the employees of Crown corporations, as well as federal agencies would be "urged" to follow suit.

"This is an evolution of the government's posture in protecting the health and safety of Canadians since the beginning of the pandemic," said LeBlanc during the conference on August 13. "We have scientific data but also real-world evidence on how effective are the vaccines that have been approved for use by Health Canada."

No date has been announced for the policy's implementation, though the Liberals have alluded to it being in place by the end of October.