Daily Wire host Candace Owens joined Fox News' Tucker Carlson on Monday to dig into George Soros' founding of an advocacy group to defeat a bill in Austin, Texas that would help refund the Austin Police Department and hire more officers.

"George Soros does not live in Austin, Texas and never has. He's not from this country originally. Why would he want Austin, Texas to have fewer police officers on the street?" Carlson asked Owens.

"That's a very good question," Owens responded.

"First and foremost, I am so sick of the Left pretending like we picked George Soros to be our boogeyman. Like 'Oh, he's not a bad guy. There goes the right talking about George Soros.' Every time this man spends money it's towards an effort that is going to undo American civilization," Owens continued.

"He funded Black Lives Matter, all the rioting, all the protests. The Open Foundation Society, which is his foundation, gave money to all of these causes. He's a billionaire! If he wanted to help black people he doesn't need to give to Black Lives Matter. He can give to other causes that actually do help black people that don't destroy their communities," Owens said.

On George Soros spending $500,000 dollars to fund the advocacy group to help defeat Austin's pro-police Bill, Owens said it's because he wants to invest in the destruction of America.

"I think the Left is after, more than anything, the federalization of the police force," Owens said.

"Look at the American story right now. It's the exact same story of every country that has converted from a Capitalist thriving society into a Socialist society," Owens continued. "They need to federalize the police force to make sure that the federal government has the most control.

Owens said that the core of George Soros' investments come from his hatred of America and that the people of Austin, Texas now have to endure consequences of not having a well-equipped police force, as a result of George Soros.