Daily Wire's Candace Owens raised over $200,000 for a Virginia police officer who lost his job earlier this year after making an anonymous donation to Kyle Rittenhouse's defense fund.

In an upcoming episode of "Candace," the commentator presents former Norfolk police lieutenant William Kelly with a hefty check for $202,000.

"I am so grateful for our police officers," Owens said in a clip shared with Fox News. "I can't even imagine especially in today's political climate knowing that you're fighting for justice and you have an entire ecosystem of horrible people that are constantly fighting against you, fighting to defund you, telling you you're not allowed to exist unless you side with narratives that are actually lies. So this just makes me so happy."

"Thank you so much," Kelly said to Owens.

Norfolk Police Lieutenant William "Bill" Kelly was fired in April after it was revealed by a group of hackers that he had donated anonymously to the Give Send Go online campaign for Rittenhouse's legal team. After Rittenhouse's acquittal lon Friday, Kelly has asked for his job back.

The full-episode is set to air Tuesday on Daily Wire's "Candace."