Canadian military members who refuse to reveal their vaccination status will be threatened with discharge, according to Blacklock's Reporter.

This may further harm the ability of the armed forces, which according to internal audits, is struggling to find recruits to fill necessary positions. The Canadian armed forces have a staff shortage of 7,000 recruits.

This comes despite more than 95 percent of the Canadian armed forces having been vaccinated. 92 percent have received a second jab. This is significantly higher than the general Canadian population, which is at 84 percent.

The chief of the defence staff has said that unvaccinated and unexempt members of the military will face "administrative measures." This includes the threat of discharge.

"For those unwilling to be vaccinated, those administrative measures could culminate with release from the Canadian Armed Forces," wrote the acting chief of the defence staff.

He went on to say that it was "expected a portion of the Canadian Armed Forces will be non-compliant under this directive."

"Although this group is expected to represent a small percentage of the Canadian Armed Forces, there is a requirement to undertake measures to protect the remainder of the workforce," he added.

The chief of the defence staff has not made any further comments on this matter.