Dr. Jordan Peterson's effort to raise money for charity through the sale of comic book-themed t-shirts netted the effort some $70,000 in donations. However, one of the two charity organizations Peterson chose rejected the donation.

In April, Jordan Peterson found himself parodied onto Red Skull in "Captain America Vol 9 #28," prompting him to run donation drive with a Red Skull-themed line of t-shirts, with the proceeds intended to go to charity.

In the Captain America comic, the villain Red Skull becomes a twisted caricature of Peterson, sharing a version of "10 rules for life," parodying Peterson's popular book. In the comic, Red Skull's book includes phrases like "the feminist trap" and "chaos and order."

But to make good of the occasion, Jordan and his daughter Mikhaila set up a Hail Lobster t-shirt line with the proceeds going to charity. However, not everything went according to plan.

As Mikhaila Peterson explains, one of the two charities initially decided on did not want to accept money from Jordan Peterson whatsoever (the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, being the other, accepted the donation).

"The other charity was one near Toronto, that is affiliated with the University of Toronto, where my dad taught. A charity for children and families," said Mikhaila Peterson in the video. "We thought it was a good idea because they purport to support kids and families going through mental health problems. A very noble cause. They have tweets asking the Ontario government for money to donate. When we chose the charities my dad goes ‘do we have to be worried about more controversy? What if they don’t take the money?’ And I said ‘why would a charity not accept money? We don’t have to worry about that, dad.’"

"And we just got the money we donated back, from the Canadian charity," she added.

The response letter posted by Mikhaila came from the charity's executive director, and the grounds they had for giving the money back was they "did not agree to such an arrangement."

The Petersons have since found a replacement charity in "Not a Wheelchair" off road wheelchairs that can go on sand and grass.