The largest clean-energy utility in Canada, Hydro Quebec, is paying thousands of dollars a week to people who will comment nice things on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

These comments are particularly aimed at counteracting Indigenous Canadian critics who have become displeased over the utility's practices, according to Blacklock's Reporter.

It has been alleged that a billion-dollar Hydro Quebec project will spoil Indigenous land and threaten the glorious habitat of the majestic Atlantic sturgeon.

One fisherman told National Geographic in 2019 that the celebrated Atlantic Sturgeon is the "most beautiful thing in the world." One academic labeled the creature a "majestic fish."

Hydro Quebec paid a lobbying company over $70 thousand for a 90 day period of encouraging tweets, posts, and letters. This was organized by an American public affairs company based out of New York City.

These social media consultants have also been told to flag criticism and to debate disgruntled Atlantic Sturgeon supporters.

Recently, Hydro Quebec was awarded a licence to build a 339-mile underwater transmission line from Canada to New York State. They will earn over $2 billion for this project that will aim to be completed by 2025.