Kristin Usilton, a teacher at Bauer Speck Elementary School in the Paso Robles Unified school district, has been receiving strong pushback over a statement in which she told conservative students at a neighboring high school to "jump off a bridge."

The statement, similar to one made by a Utah schoolteacher in Aug. 2021, was allegedly made by video on Usilton's personal Instagram account, which has since been deleted by Thursday morning. It has however, at the time of this writing, been reproduced on Twitter:

"The Paso Robles Conservative club for the high school, you can go jump off a bridge. I’m going to post what they thought was a great show of support for the veterans, who I’m pretty sure would be absolutely offended by what they did on school campus," said Usilton.

According to Fox News, "an investigation has been launched into the video, which circulated around Paso Robles Joint Unified School District over the last week and then on social media. Usilton describes herself as a dual immersion teacher, the Paso Robles Press reported. She has worked for the school district for six years."

It appears that Usilton was reacting to an incident which occurred on Nov. 11 (Veteran's Day) involving one particular student at the high school, who was seen in the school's parking lot carrying a flag which read "F*ck Joe Biden." The student was in the middle of other students waving Old Glory, along with various other American military flags.

Usilton responded to the allegations with the following:

"When I said 'go jump off a bridge,' I just meant go away, and I will not use that term again because of the incredible influx of messages I got about that. But if that’s what you focused on in that message, you’re kind of part of the problem."