Calgary Police have launched an investigation into an alleged 'flyer-swap incident involving Liberal-MP elect George Chahal, who defeated Conservative incumbent Jag Sahota in Calgary-Skyview on Monday.

The investigation stems from doorbell camera footage that showed Chahal allegedly removing one of Sahota's campaign flyers and replacing it with his own. Chahal's campaign manager Randal Zalazar told The Post Millennial that George took the flyer because it contained "incorrect polling info."

The owner of the property subsequently filed a complaint with the Calgary Police Service (CPS).

"The report has been directed to our Anti-Corruption Unit that handles investigations of a sensitive nature or involving a public official. We are in the very early stages of the investigation and at this point have not yet determined if the investigation will remain with CPS or be transitioned to another investigative body, such as Elections Canada," reads a CPS statement.

Responding to inquiries from CBC News, Chahal's campaign indicated it was unaware of any investigation, and had yet to be contacted by the RCMP.

"Neither George or the campaign have been contacted by the Calgary Police Service and we have not been made aware of any ongoing investigation related to this matter," said Zalazar in an email.

According to Elections Canada, any contravention of the Canada Elections Act would be up to the discretion of the Commissioner of Canada Elections,  whose office has yet to confirm it has received a complaint or started an investigation. The Act prohibits impairing or preventing the transmission of election advertising, which includes "defacing or removing election signs or other election advertisements."

At the discretion of the commissioner, a wide range of sanctions could be applied, ranging from 'informal means' like a letter of information/caution, a fine of up to $5000 dollars, and up to six months in jail.

The investigation is expected to complicate Trudeau's new mandate. As one of two Liberal MP-Elects in Alberta, George Chahal was touted by many as a possible cabinet pick.