Migrants who came into the country illegally may be able to secure a five-year parole under a provision proposed in President Biden's Build Back Better Act.

The provision, Section 60001, allows the Department of Homeland Security to grant certain immigrants the possibility of parole if they fill out an application, pay an administrative fee, and complete background and security checks.

I approved, parole will be granted for 5 years, but no longer than September 30, 2031. They would be eligible for employment and travel authorizations, and would allow then to receive a drivers license or state ID.

The possibility of parole though is limited to migrants that entered the country before January 1, 2011, and of which have been continuously living within the United States.

The provision also prohibits the DHS secretary from revoking an individual's parole unless the secretary "determines that the individual is ineligible for parole, based on the policies and implementing guidance that were in effect when the individual was initially granted parole."

The $1.75 trillion social spending plan this provision is part of has yet to be voted on, with many parts of the legislative package being picked apart by its opponents.

Senator Marco Rubio warned last week that "every time this country has done any sort of immigration law changes, by executive order or by law, all it does is increase illegal immigration because people misinterpret it and think, 'There's a new law, now I can come,'" according to Fox Business.

"We already have a crisis at the border. And instead of spending money on enforcing the law, they're actually inviting more people to come illegally," he said.

In September, 192,001 migrants were encountered by US Customs and Border Patrol along the southwest border. This marks the first time since June that the number has been below 200,000. The total number for fiscal year 2021 is 1,734,686 encounters, according to CBP statistics.