Darrell Brooks, who is charged by police with five counts on intentional homicide, will appear in court on Tuesday to face those charges. It was on Monday that those charges were filed, per a statement from the Waukesha police department.

That court appearance will be on Tuesday at 4 pm CT. Brooks was arrested for driving his car into a Christmas parade, killing five people and injuring nearly 50, 18 of whom were children. That court appearance will be live streamed, per local news.

Initial reports from media outlets indicated that Brooks had only committed the vehicular massacre after fleeing the scene of a previous crime, with CNN, among others, reporting that a police pursuit had been partially responsible for Brooks' actions.

Officers did say, however, that Brooks was involved in a domestic incident prior to him taking his car and running over children in the Christmas parade. A neighbor of Brooks reported seeing Brooks' ex-girlfriend "running away with no shoes and a black eye."

That neighbor, identified as Ebony, said that the Brooks home was a frequent site of domestic disturbances. She said that the two frequently clashed outside her home, across the street from Brooks' house, and she would intervene and threaten to call the police.

Brooks has a long criminal history of resisting arrest, obstruction, battery, statutory sexual seduction, strangulation and suffocation, property destruction, illegal firearm possession, bail jumping, domestic violence, drug related charges and is a registered sex offender.

He was recently released on bond of $1,000, set by the Milwaukee DA's office, which then said, after the massacre, that this amount was too low. After the massacre, Brooks was allegedly caught on a security camera, asking a resident if he could use the phone to get a ride.

The five counts Brooks is facing each carry the potential sentence of life in prison. Virginia Sorenson, 79, Leanna Owens, 71, Tamara Durand, 52, James Coolidge, 52, and Wilhelm Hospel, 82, were killed in the attack.