A Brockton Massachusetts school officer has been placed on "paid administrative leave" after an incident on Wednesday where he was shown on video to be kneeling on a student's neck while arresting him.

According to local outlet NBC Boston, the fight broke out during Wednesday's lunch hour, with the student shown on the ground in the video allegedly starting things off by attacking another student, which is also allegedly when the school officer stepped in and restrained him.

"The video depicts the moment the student is being handcuffed, and the way the student is being restrained during the arrest has been cause for great concern. The video was painful to watch, particularly given its historical context," stated Mike Thomas, the superintendent of the school district in which the incident occurred. Thomas was clearly referring to the way in which George Floyd died in police custody on May 25 2020.  

One concerned parent commented that, while we don't know what happened before the video cameras started worrying, he was concerned about how the officer was restraining the student, saying:

"He's only a little kid, you know, and the officer is big. There was no need for all of that."

Indeed, it's easy to verify by watching the video itself that the officer is easily twice the size of the student he is arresting.

"Brockton Police are conducting an inquiry into the arrest of a student outside of the high school this afternoon," the department said. "The inquiry is to determine whether the officer followed proper rules and procedures. The student was charged with assault and battery and released to his parents."

The officer in question has been placed on leave, pending the completion of the full investigation of the incident.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the country in Louisiana, a team of parents has managed to, so far, completely put an end to school violence by patrolling the hallways.