Prime Minister Justin Trudeau labelled those who protested his Ontario campaign stops yesterday as being a part of an "anti-vaxx mob" after having pieces of rock and gravel thrown at him.

During a press conference in Montreal, Trudeau said that angry protesters, which he would later say were practically "foaming at the mouth," were anti-vaxxers who also attack the vaccinated and health care workers across Canada.

"It is absolutely unacceptable that people be throwing things and endangering others at a political rally," said Trudeau. "There were volunteers and supporters, police officers there to keep people safe, there were journalists... doing a really important job informing Canadians of what's going on in this election."

"Nobody should be doing their job... under threats of violence or acts that put them in danger," Trudeau continued. "It's not just at political rallies that this is happening."

"There are healthcare workers across the country that are getting hassled and intimidated and bullied as they're going into work to keep people safe and alive."

Trudeau said he was "inspired" by those that continue to "do the right thing in the face of anti-vaxxer mobs who are not respecting the basic science and basic decency that Canadians have rightly come to expect from each other."

The prime minister would go on to say that mobs of protestors would not halt his campaign, and that he appreciated Liberal supporters who were at the same protests.