Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared to suggest on Monday that "it's time to take the vaccine" for those who cannot take the vaccine due to health reasons.

Trudeau was asked about anti-vaccine messages during yesterday's campaign stop in Newmarket, Ontario, and about unvaccinated people "who are not showing up at these protests, [that] can't get vaccines because of health reasons," or those that "don't have the right information, or they're genuinely scared, and they're not part of special interest groups."

Trudeau was asked what his "message is to those Canadians who feel that you're abandoning them and turning society against them."

"My message to those Canadians is one I give every single day," said Trudeau. "It's time to get vaccinated."

"I can understand that people were saying in the beginning, 'oh you know what let's make sure that seniors get it and the most vulnerable, lets make sure that it goes to those high-priority populations first as we did," said Trudeau. "We sent doses to the north, we sent doses to indigenous communities, when there was scarcity around vaccines, there were a lot of people saying, 'you know what, I'm gonna wait.' And that's fine, but we now have enough vaccines in this country for everyone who's eligible to get vaccinated."

"The reality is, that as we recover and as people get back to normal, "normal" will arrive first and quickest for people who chose to get vaccinated to protect themselves, to protect their loved ones, to keep out of the ICUs that we're seeing filling up right now. So the incentives and the framework we're putting forward of saying that you're not gonna be able to get on a plane or a train if you're not fully vaccinated.

"In many provinces, you won't be able to go to dinner and a restaurant, or go to the gym, or go to the movies, or go to a sporting event, unless you're fully vaccinated. So, people who haven't yet chosen to get vaccinated, but are considering it, need to see that our country is deciding that we will move forward for everyone who is vaccinated, and try and convince through all sorts of information campaigns and direct appeals, but also with a federal framework that does everything it can to get as many people vaccinated as possible, because that's the way through this pandemic," he concluded.