Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reacted to the Progressive Conservative's majority victory in Nova Scotia last night, and the implications that a provincial victory for the Tories could spell trouble for the Liberals in the coming federal election.

"I was pleased to be able to congratulate Premier-Designate Houston this morning and talk about the work that I look forward to doing on childcare, healthcare, and so many issues that matter to Nova Scotians and indeed, to all Canadians.

"I think what we saw that election campaigns are an important moment for citizens to choose what direction they want their countries, their communities to take. That's why here, in this federal election, the choices are so incredibly important for Canadians."

"Do we get to see the Conservatives take Canada back, or do we move forward for everyone?" asked Trudeau.

"... Conservatives actually want to make assault weapons legal again, after over a year ago, we made it impossible to buy, sell, or give or use assault weapons in this country. They want to reduce our ambitions in the fight against climate change when we know that as much as we've done, we have to do even more to fight climate change.

"On the pandemic, we've been unequivocal. We need to move forward and get people vaccinated, and get through this pandemic by being there for each other as we have from the very beginning, and that's what we're going to continue to do. That choice really matters, and what we saw in Nova Scotia really highlights that.

New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh said during a Wednesday press conference that the results of the Nova Scotia election may serve as a warning to Trudeau, as he saw the provincial election as an attempt to grab a majority by a Liberal government that did not need to call an election.