Free-speech friendly video streaming service Rumble has purchased social media platform Locals. The announcement came on Tuesday. Locals, founded by podcaster and author Dave Rubin in 2019, is a subscription based social media company.

Rumble is an independent video service where users can upload their content without the worry of being censored that comes with the use of sites like YouTube or Facebook.

"We are building the rails to a new tech ecosystem that will responsibly free everyone from the restraints of editorial control," Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski said, according to local news.

"Locals will provide our Rumble users a new way to generate revenue, one that is not influenced by corporate advertisers and special interests. All our creators can now build a direct stream of revenue with their audience through subscriptions, allowing creators to take control of their valuable content."

Rumble is interested in building a free speech-based creator economy that gives users control over their content. Locals gives creators insight into who their audience is, creating a more community-based, interactive platform.

Locals users will be able to link their profiles to their Rumble accounts and integration should be relatively seamless.

"We are excited to see Locals continue our growth and vision as part of Rumble. Together we are building a new ecosystem for creators," Locals CEO Assaf Lev said.

"Becoming part of Rumble will give Locals' creators new opportunities to expand their audiences while retaining control of their data. Both Rumble and Locals believe in the importance of allowing creators to express their opinions, interact with their supporters and make money from subscription."

Rumble came to prominence in the wake of the suppression from social media sites during the 2020 US presidential election. After being banned from Twitter and Facebook, former President Donald Trump joined the site.

Conservatives have taken notice of the vitriol against them and their views on social media sites, and have begun using sites like Rumble and Locals that are free speech-based alternatives. Dan Bongino became co-owner of the site in 2020.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.