Pierre Poilievre, the Conservative finance critic, spoke with reporters on Tuesday, where he called for an end of the Trudeau "inflation tax."

"It's time to put an end to the Liberal inflation tax. Inflation's at 4.7 percent, an 18 year high. Two and half times higher than wage growth, and two and a half times higher than the Bank of Canada's two-percent target," he said.

"What causes inflation? Too many dollars chasing too few goods," said Poilievre. "The price of housing, up one third, which drives the wealth gap. It makes rich mansion owners wealthier while preventing working place renters from ever owning a home."

"Gas is up 41 percent. Obviously, oil gasses are determined internationally, but our weak dollar is the result of too much money printing, which means that our purchasing power of international commodities is weakened.

"The price of food is higher, as the government has layered on new taxes and red tape for our food-producing farmers.

Cost of living was recently found to be the top concern for Canadians this winter, topping even the pandemic as the most important issue, according to Global News.

According to a new Ipsos poll released this week, the cost of living has skyrocketed as a concern for Canadians. This is particularly the case for essential goods like food and gas.

"The cost of living is driven by the cost of government. Who knew, when you spend more, it costs more. And when Trudeau sent out that half-trillion dollars, it bid up the price of goods, making life more expensive for everyday Canadians."

Poilievre called for the Liberals to end their inflation tax during today's speech from the Throne. Specifically calling for the end of the "$100 billion slush fund they've proposed," "stop paying people not to work," and "re-sign the bank of Canada's mandate to keep inflation low and to stop printing money."