Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a hypocrite who "says one thing and then immediately does the opposite" on Monday, calling him a "person so blinded by his own ambition, that he can't see the rot in his own party."

The moment came during a press conference in Ottawa, where O'Toole urged Canadians to "send [Trudeau] a message" by voting him out of office.

"Trudeau often wants to pretend that this is 2015. That he's not running on his record, but on distant memories from the past," said O'Toole. "It's not 2015, Mr. Trudeau. I am a new Conservative leader, and the Justin Trudeau of 2015 is not the Justin Trudeau of 2021."

O'Toole said that while he could disagree with 2015, he could still respect and agree with him on what unites Canadians. "I could understand when he talked about a better future Canada could have. I could appreciate when he talked about healing the country's rifts, not exploiting them," said O'Toole. "Where is that Justin Trudeau? Where is that guy? What would the sunny-ways Justin think about the prime minister we see today? The one who is clinging to power by dividing the country, fostering fear and division, sowing mistruths and misinformation wherever he goes.

"The one who says he's a feminist, but pressured a woman to lie to cover up his corruption. The one who preaches honesty and transparency, while funneling cash to Liberal insiders. The one who talks about reconciliation, while suing indigenous children. The one who talks about the environment, while pumping record emissions into the air.

"The one who says one thing, and then immediately does the opposite? I'd say he's all talk and no action, but this is worse. A person so blinded by his own ambition, that he can't see the rot in his own party. A man who's not a feminist, not an environmentalist, not a public servant. A man whose focus solely and squarely on himself."