Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole announced on Wednesday that all MPs will abide by the set vaccination mandates to enter the House of Commons.

Both Senators and Members of Parliament alike will be required to be vaccinated, said O'Toole.

The Conservatives will also be challenging the Board of Internal Economy's decision as being an improper way to implement a vaccine mandate; however, Conservatives will abide by the mandate.

This comes after the PMO stated that Prime Minister Trudeau expected all sitting members to be fully vaccinated.

"Among the first orders of business will be working with all parties to ensure all MPs in the House of Commons are fully vaccinated against COVID-19," Trudeau’s office wrote in a statement released two weeks ago. "Canadians expect their elected representatives to lead by example in the fight against the virus, and the Prime Minister will be raising this with other leaders."

The House of Commons released a statement eight days ago regarding a vaccine mandate, wherein Speaker and Chair of the Board of Internal Economy Anthony Rota wrote: "This requirement will apply to any person who wishes to enter the House of Commons Precinct, including Members and their staff, political research office employees, Administration employees, members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery, parliamentary business visitors, contractors and consultants."