The trending use of the word "binger" as a pejorative has caused it to become one of the latest additions to the pop culture Urban Dictionary website.

The Urban Dictionary-defined term is inspired by the prosecutor in the highly-publicized murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger, whom many people believe has bungled the controversial case.

"A binger is a soy-filled authority figure who abuses his position to demonize others, especially people who can defend themselves who are a reminder of the fact that the binger cannot. A binger riles up others against those he considers threatening to his position of power. Known for tight-fit skinny jeans, Star Wars lapel pins, and virginity," the Urban Dictionary entry reads.

There was a similar caustic definition also posted on Urban Dictionary recently.

"A person who is unable to present themselves in the manner in which they wish to be viewed due to a lack of competence, skill, and mental capacity, often with humiliating results. The individual is often viewed as an excellent example of the Dunning-Kruger Affect," the entry on the crowdsourced slang dictionary reads:

"The prosecutor wore a slick suit with a lapel but he turned out to be a binger, his cross examination was awful and he violated the Defendant’s constitutional rights several times before the judge declared a mistrial," the example reads.

Back in March, both Google and Urban Dictionary appeared to have done their best to toss the term "Blue Anon" down a memory hole.

"Blue Anon," inspired by its political counterpart "QAnon," is used to describe people on the left who engage in conspiracy theories.