On Tuesday, Marine Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was released from the brig at Camp Leugene after being arrested last week for violating a gag order.

According to Fox News, "Scheller [was] released as part of an agreement between his attorney and the commanding general."

Scheller was arrested last week after violating a gag order placed on him following a late August video he released slamming military leadership regarding the withdrawal in Afghanistan.

Scheller demanded accountability from leaders, stating "But I am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, 'Hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate Bagram Airfield, a strategic airbase, before we evacuate everyone'? Did anyone do that? And when you didn't think to do that, did anyone raise their hand and say, 'We completely messed this up'?"

A gag order was placed on Scheller following his video, and was relieved from his position.

Scheller was ordered not to communicate on social media, according to a Sept. 25 Facebook post: "Effective immediately upon your receipt below, you are hereby ordered to refrain from posting any and all material, in any form without exception, to any social media. In this context, the term 'social media' shall be construed very broadly to include any medium by which you may share information with groups of people…"

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